School Readiness at the Tri-County Community Council, Inc.

Ensuring School Readiness:

The Head Start Approach for Children, Families, and Schools

The Head Start Approach to School Readiness ensures that children are prepared for school, families are equipped to support their children’s education, and schools are welcoming to students.

Defining School Readiness: Essential Skills, Knowledge, and Attitudes for Lifelong Success

Implementing and measuring progress toward school readiness goals helps programs individualize for each child and ensure that children know and can do what is needed to be ready for kindergarten.

Head Start respects parents as their children’s primary nurturers, teachers, and advocates, and programs must consult with parents to establish school readiness goals.

Head Start programs and schools should work together as children transition to kindergarten to promote school readiness and engage families.

It is the desire of the program to:

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